Firda Settefisk AS

Firda Settefisk has purchased 21 GasBuster CO2 aerators for their two facilities in Botnane and Nordalsfjord. Per April 2016 six of them have been installed, which has improved the current in the tanks in question. The new system ensures 70 – 80 percent removal efficiency of CO2. In comparison, the old system only removed between 25 and 30 % of the CO2. The amount of water spent is also reduced. Since the GasBuster has an automatic cleaning system this almost eliminates the labor cost for operation management and maintenance. These are the main reasons why Firda Settefisk will make use of this water treatment technology at all their facilities.


Botnane: Five GB2.5-01 for 8 meter diameter tanks. Two GB 20-03 each for sharing between two 15m diameter tanks. Two GB 10-03 for individual aeration on two 15meter diameter tanks.

Norddalsfjord: Ten GB 2.5-01 for individual aeration in 8 meter diameter tanks. Three GB 20-03 each for sharing between two 15meter diameter tanks.