Cutting the makeup water consumption in half

Akvafarm, located in Senja in northern Norway, has been producing smolt since 1985. For the first time they have now installed a CO2 degasser, and thanks to GasBuster they are sustaining their level of production on half the makeup water consumption.


When Akvafarm decided to install a CO2 degasser it was the simplicity, the reliability and the automatic cleansing that persuaded them, says operations manager Geir Svendsen.

– We’ve never used a CO2 degasser before, this is our first. There are other solutions on the market, but GasBuster seemed like the safest and most reliable system. We wanted a system that didn’t require a lot of manual maintenance, and seeing as the GasBuster is automatically cleansed it saves us the big cleaning operations, and thereby a substantial amount of time.

The aeration system, a GasBuster 5- 01 installed as a shared unit between two fish tanks, has been running since the beginning of the year and Akvafarm is very pleased with the latest measurements.

– Our measurements show that the Gasbuster is doing a very good job. We made some tests this winter, in a tank with high density, and the result is that we have been able to cut the water consumption in half. We see a substantial lower amount of CO2 in the two GasBuster- tanks, even though we only use half the amount of water. And the density of the fish is the same. We are now planning an expansion, and the solution with the GasBuster will then be extended; we are very pleased with it.