KUBEHatch chosen for new gigantic smoltfarm

What is probably the world’s largest smoltfarm today has chosen Alvestad Marin’s water treatment system for their hatchery.


Helgeland Smolt in Nordland/Norway has just finalized a new plant consisting of seven departments, with the whole production from hatchery to ongrowing and treatment of both salt- and freshwater. The hydraulic capacity is a staggering 35.000 cubic metres per hour. They have chosen KUBEhatch as their water treatment system in the hatchery.

Developing manager at Alvestad Marin, Yngve Ulgenes, is very proud of the fact that a smoltfarm of this proportion has chosen the KUBEHatch.

– We can point to very good results, the facilities are very compact, efficient and very stable. It is a true accomplishment that Krüger Kaldnes, the company we delivered through, chose our technology for Helgeland Smolt. The point, obviously, is to ensure high efficiency and rationality in operations, which is exactly what KUBEhatch provides. In addition, this is a self-operating unit; you push a button and the rest will run automatically. With this technology, you can produce alevins more or less all year round, the production is not dependent on the various seasons. And that is the name of the game these days; salmon farming has become a major industry.

CEO of Alvestad Marin, Runar Alvestad, is also very pleased by this delivery.

– This is our fifth supply of the KUBEhatch system; we are also in process on two additional orders, which shows that the market is really starting to realize just how remarkable this product is. We have sold approximately one thousand hatching closets (CompHatch) around the world, so it is very pleasing that the KUBEhatch too is getting the attention it deserves.