Havbruksinstituttet AS has documented the effect of CompHatch® hatching cabinets and EasyHatch® hatching substrate at two of Marine Harvest’s facilities. These were tested against a traditional hatching substrate in a 1 m vessel and a EasyHatch® in a 1 m vessel. The results show that the combination CompHatch® with EasyHatch® has:

  • 21 % lower mortality than a 1 m vessel with a traditional hatching substrate.
  • 6 % lower mortality than a 1 m vessel with EasyHatch®.
  • At least 33 % greater capacitythan a 1 m vessel with a traditional hatching substrate without affecting survival and growth.

The operations managers in the two facilities have reported that the work hours related to cleaning were reduced by 4-5 times by use of EasyHatch® as opposed to the traditional hatching substrate.

Dowload the Documentation of a new hatching substrate EasyHatch® and the hatching cabinet CompHatch® for salmon roe.

CompHatch® with EasyHatch® – Optimal combination
From a recent survey in Norwegian hatcheries, combinations of various types of hatching systems and substrates were compared with reference to work hours for cleaning and disinfection before the introduction of new roe. The results show that CompHatch® with EasyHatch® in average had 56 % less work hours than other combinations in the survey.


(Reference: Survey made by Alvestad in cooperation with SINTEF and a master student at NTNU (2009). The results are based on data from 22 hatcheries of which 14 had the combination CompHatch® with EasyHatch®).