GasBuster is a new a highly efficient CO2aerator. It has been designed with counter flow aeration air and water runs the opposite way in the aeration chamber and it is possible to control the quantity of air relative to water. A patented cleaning system safeguards that the aeration medium in the unit always is clean. Therefore, GasBuster always achieves constantly high cleaning efficiency.


High cleaning efficiency relative to CO2 is more important than one should believe if the
goal is to achieve high production capacity in fish farming. As an illustrative example, you will, in a tank with a volume of 500 m3, be able to introduce about 100 000 more 100 gram fish at 12oC if the cleaning efficiency of the CO2 aerator is increased from 50% to 75%.

This means that in practice, that by investing in a highly efficient aerator, you may
increase the capacity in the facility quite a lot – thus a profitable investment! When you plan increased capacity in the facility by means of CO2 aeration, it is of vital importance the water treatment technology works with uniform efficiency all the time. If the cleaning effect is reduced as a consequence of fouling for example due to high temperatures, you will lose capacity when you need it the most. A built-in, patented cleaning system in
GasBuster safeguards that the aerator always is equally efficient.This is the most important property of this CO2 aerator.


The photo below shows two different models of GasBuster high and low edition. With the high edition, the water is pumped from the tank into the top of the aerator chamber and flows back to the tank by means of gravity. In the low edition, the water is added by means of gravity from the fish farming tank and is then pumped back after treatment. We offer assistance with solutions for installation, including dimensioning and design of piping to/from GasBuster and into the tank in order to achieve good water flow (hydraulic) in the tank. The correct flow rate and flow through are important assumptions in order to achieve good water environment in fish farming tanks.

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GasBuster is made from polyethylene (PE) and is therefore robust, has a long service life as well as being resistant to chemicals and corrosion. The unit is easy to clean and to disinfect. All the GasBuster models are tested with water and are quality assured before dispatch.


Each GasBuster is equipped with a process control system placed in a control cabinet for installation outdoors. In the front of the control cabinet, there is an operator panel for easy control. A PLC governs and checks the water pumps, the water level, the fan and the cleaning system. We offer technology for remote connection to the aerator’s control cabinet. This provides immediate assistance in case of operation disturbances. The control system has been FAT tested and checked before delivery.