Process control

Each GasBuster®are equipped with a process control system mounted inside a high quality cabinet made of stainless steel. All units inside will handle a wide temperature range and the cabinet are rated with a IP65 grade to handle harsh enviroment


The main unit of the control system is a PLC. This PLC controls the waterpump(s), valve(s), fan, water level and cleaning functionality.

If selected, a touch panel can be installed in the front of the cabinet to give the operator information and the possibility to adjust setting, check alarmlist and trend curves. One operating panel can handle several GasBuster® control systems.


The control system provides automatically cleaning of the media. The water flow will be controlled to reach a selected level before the high pressure flushing will be activated to start the cleaning process of the media.


We can offer the possibility to have remote access to the control cabinet. This will make it possible to give remote diagnosis and support.

All PLC units are type approved by DNV to ensure the best possible reliability.

The control system supports data exchange of alarms and information to all known superior control systems on the market.