The first known turn-key recirculation system developed for the hatchery phase in the production of salmonides from “eyed-up” eggs tostart of feeding.


  • Energy efficient
  • Turn- key system
  • Operational reliability
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Compact and fully integrated

KUBEhatch has been developed for the hatching phase in the production of salmonides. The system has both economic and environmental advantages as well as allowing for a season independent and safe production of fry under optimal aquatic conditions.

Lower energy consumption The energy demand for heating the water in a recirculation facility is greatly reduced compared to flow through systems because of a considerably lower water consumption. In addition, the velocity of the pumps is regulated according to the requirements by means of frequency converters. Thus KUBEhatch will be a profitable investment.

Control and quality assurance
All system information is submitted to an integrated control system PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) which transfers the information to a touch screen for the daily operation and to a PC in which the data is logged. The operator can monitor the production, control the water flow, the temperature and the water quality. In case of any fault, alarms are trigged and back-up functions are automatically activated.

Stable environment
In KUBEhatch, the water is treated in a comprehensive water treatment system. The “core” of the system is a bio filter in which bacteria convert the dissolved waste products in the water to non-hazardous compounds. The bacteria in the bio filter reduce the possibility of “opportunistic” and unwanted bacteria and fungi being established and thus prevent potential serious damage to eggs and fry. A stable environment is very important for the fish in the earliest stages during which it has a limited immune defence system. A good start is important for the results later in the production cycle.


This period from hatching to start of feeding is a vulnerable time for the fish, in which both biological and physical/chemical environmental conditions have major impact. Providing a stable environment in this early stage of life may therefore be crucial for the health and development of the fish during the further growth after the hatchery. The energy demand for heating the water in a recirculation facility is greatly reduced compared to flow through systems because of much lower water consumption. The reduction is 95-99 % depending on how the system is operated. Thus, KUBEhatch offers both costs and environmenta l advantages, and allow for season independent production of start feeding fry in optimal aquatic conditions.

When the environment around the fish is stable without any marked fluctuations
in temperature, pH, and other stress factors such as for example daily work operations, the fry will exploit more of the yolk nutrition for growth and development.

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