KUBE®hatch will be a profitable investment as the energy costs are considerably reduced both for heating as well as cooling of the intake water. The number of years before the investment is profitable will depend on the intake temperature and the number of days in operation. The energy and cost calculations that are based on a production volume of 2 million fry and awater flow of 800 l/min, where the energy installation of the flow through system consists of a heat pump and a heat exchanger, shows that: KUBE®hatch requires approximately the same energy costs at increased ΔT°C, whereas a flow through system on the other hand, presents a considerable linear increase at increased ΔT°C. If the intake water is heated/cooled down by 8°C, the monthly costs for KUBE®hatch will be close to 6 times less than for a flow through system (Fig1). With a ΔT of 8°C, it will take only 3 ½ years before the investment and energy costs of a flow through system exceed the investment and energy costs related to KUBE®hatch. From this point on, you will have a yearly (6 months’ operation) saving with KUBE®hatch of about €35, 000 compared to a flow through system (Fig2).


Fig 1. The diagram shows the monthly energy costs during operation of the recirculation system KUBE®hatch and a flow through system (FT) at various heating/ cooling rates (ΔT°C).

Fig 2. The diagram shows the investment costs and the energy consumption during operation of the recirculation system KUBE®hatch and a flow through system (GS), for a 6 year period at various heating/cooling rates (ΔT°C).


The diagram shows the advantages with KUBE®hatch, which has good operational control, a stable microflora and energy saving devices. In addition, the expectations are to experience reduction in the mortality rates as a result of better water quality and more stable environmental conditions. If the mortality rates are reduced there will also be associated cost advantages. In KUBE®hatch, all material and equipment are selected with reference to durability and long service life. The integrated system’s design makes satisfactory cleaning and disinfection easy. It can be expected that the time/costs related to cleaning and maintenance will be considerably reduced after the transition to KUBE®hatch.