Process control

Totally Integrated Control System


To ensure that all processes and water quality parameters remain stable, a reliable monitoring and control system is needed. KUBE®hatch has an integrated system for optimal quality assurance in which all system information is transmitted to a PLC system. The PLC is connected to a touch screen in vicinity of the hatchery for daily operations.

The PLC controls the frequency converters and adjusts the pumping rate according to the requirements. The touch screen are able of performing databased logging and presentation of:

  • The oxygen level, pH, and temperature before and after the hatching units.
  • The flow to the bioreactor and before the hatching units.
  • TGS (Total Gas Saturation) before the hatching units.
  • The water level in the mechanical sieve and the buffer tank.


When the PLC detects errors in the system, an alarm goes off. The person on duty/call and/or other persons on a list will receive a call or be informed by SMS. It is then possible to operate the system from PC, MAC, tablets, ipad or the mobile phone.


Back-up system and safety

In case of an electrical breakdown, the PLC, touchscreen, instruments and alarms will be powered from an UPS with a battery bank so that the monitoring and control is feasible until the power supply is back.

All PLC units are type approved by DNV to ensure the best possible reliability.

The control system supports data exchange of alarms and information to all known superior control systems on the market.